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James Marciniak

Conversational Hypnotist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Hypnotist

“NLP, Conversational Hypnosis and more”
Starting at the beginning, I’ve now completed NLP practitioner through to trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis with the Tad James Company. I expanded my skills in conversational Hypnosis with Karsten Kunstner and the master trainer Igor Ledochowski. I travelled around the world to be trained by the very best, including Dr Matt James’ integrative NLP, Hypnosis and Huna at The Empowerment Partnership.

“Self-development and spirituality”
I’m passionate about continuing to learn about self-development and quantum ideas, and furthering my skills in hypnosis. As an avid spiritualist, I love to lose myself in Huna, Hawaiian energy philosophy as well as basic gardening around our beautiful home. I also love being a dad to two beautiful children, an adult son and a teenage daughter.

“Don’t like to see people in pain”
My wife Robyn and I have been studying and practicing Hypnosis and NLP for 4 years and continue to learn from the best around the world. I love utilising conversational hypnosis whenever I can. I value your wellbeing, I don’t like seeing people in pain, and will endeavour to help you heal and resolve any issues you have, so you leave Marciniak House a newly transformed person.

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