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Perhaps you’re doing all the ‘right’ training and implementing all the learnings, but still not getting the results you want. Because results are the cornerstone of right actions.

Or perhaps your results are great, but you’re still not satisfied, content, and/or happy.

Maybe it just feels like something in your life is missing, or not clicking properly.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. These are all just symptoms, and treating symptoms is not a long-term solution. You need to treat the cause. But before you can do that, you need to know what the cause

That’s what Executive Coaching SHOULD be about. For years though, so called “Coaches” have treated the symptoms of professional dissatisfaction instead of the cause.

At Marciniak House Coaching, you’ll have access to the full high performance Executive Coaching program, delivered personally by elite professional coach, James Marciniak.

This isn’t a fluffy pep talk where you’re told the things you THINK you want to hear. The Marciniak Executive Coaching program is about results through investigation, analysis, and reality.

A clearer, calmer, and stronger you, is going to achieve higher and be happier. If you’re not ecstatically happy with where you’re at in life right now, James Marciniak is the Executive Coach to get you on the right path.

This 12 month program includes…

✅ Exclusive access to a Master Executive Coach in NLP, Hypnosis & Mental and Emotional Release
✅ 2 Months of ongoing support after the program finishes (3 x 60 minute accountability sessions included)
✅ The Key to lifelong success
✅ Yes, you can be rich.
✅ Your Perfect future
✅ The mind of a winner

✅ Break any bad habit
✅ Feel like a million dollars every day.
✅ Get motivated, get it done.
✅ Finally break free of the past.
✅ Perfect Health.
✅ You’re always in control.
✅ Fantastic Relationships for life.
✅ Unleash your full potential.

Bonus Modules

✅ Fast Action Gifts
✅ Live in the End

✅ Connection to Source
✅ Your Higher council

Fully customisable, and delivered in flexible formats such as in person, via Zoom, phone, or Facetime, the Marciniak Executive Coaching program is about delving into the root areas, and going where the other coaches won’t. What so ever is your upper limit, know this you can overcome it.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is not for the mildly ambitious. The Marciniak Executive Coaching program is for serious players who are intent on reaching their full potential, and then some.

To qualify for the Empowerment program you must:

✅ Be the owner or senior member of staff within a operating business with gross yearly revenues between $100K and $1 million.

To apply for admission to the Empowerment program, you must:

✅ Complete an application
✅ Meet with a member of staff of Marciniak House
✅ Only qualified applicants will be considered.
✅ Qualification does not ensure admission into the program.
✅ All applicants are subject to approval by Marciniak House Coaching


If you started focusing only on the things that bought, you and your family more love, creativity and abundance.

Then this program is for you, call now to book your FREE strategy call to discuss your exact needs.

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