Relationship Coaching

Why Relationship Coaching?

Here at Marciniak House, we help you create your own resources that work in your relationship. We promote a cohesive and collective way of learning about yourself and your partner. Our program shows you how to heal the past and show you how to move forward in your relationship in a way that promotes growth and balance within the home.

“Together to balance each other.”

Our philosophy is that husband and wife are not created equal. Rather, they are together to balance each other in strengths and attributes that you each bring to the relationship. Control and power plays have no place in a healthy relationship. We want to see happy couples in the world showing our future generations what a caring, respectful, loving mum and dad look and behave like. This is the beginning of change for a better future for all of us.

What You Will Learn.

Here at Marciniak House, we help you find,

  • Your own resources.
  • Your Values.
  • Your Boundaries.
  • The ability to control your projections.
  • Effective communication.
  • Ability to share.

Firstly, we are not counsellors, we are coaches. We are here to coach you and push you to grow into the couple you want to be. We use the techniques that are described throughout our website and much more. We know they work because we’ve used them on ourselves. They have totally transformed our relationship from one of pain and confusion to love and acceptance.


Values are our most unconscious filter — which is where the problems begin. If there is a conflict when we communicate with ourselves or someone else, it will probably be due to a values misalignment. At Marciniak House, we work with you to uncover your hidden values as individuals, in order to help create better understanding and better communication.

Cause & Effect

  • How do you live your life?
  • Do you believe you are the cause of everything in your life, or do you think what happens to you is dependent on those people and circumstances around you?
  • What you believe makes all the difference in how you live your life.

Communication Styles

  • Are you Big Picture Or Detailed?
  • Are you Literal or Referential?
  • Are you Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic or Auditory Digital in your communication style?
  • Are You Passive or Dominant?
  • How you think not What you think is what makes the difference.
  • Do you dismiss or evade?
  • Do you control or dominant?
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