Executive Leadership Coaching

Challenging, supporting & Empowering Executive Individuals to maximise their fullest potential and effectively lead their teams and organisations to success.

Go beyond your internal limits, release outdated fears and learn a whole new set of powerful skills and habits to liberate your authentic greatness.
World class coaching to maximise your potential.
Have you achieved success in some areas of your life but not others?
Are you facing the same blocks over and over again?
Are you living a life that feels like it belongs to someone else?
Have you been passed over for promotion?
Are you feeling the pressure?
Our Personal Breakthrough sessions give you the opportunity to work on those blocks, remove self-limiting beliefs, face those challenges and reach the success you want.
You might be doing really well but want your career to accelerate. Personal Breakthrough Sessions can improve your performance, leading to promotions and increased earnings.

Executive Coaching Program

We go where other coaches won’t, to make sure no stone is left unturned.

All-inclusive Package Features:

How are you at achieving the goals you set for yourself?
Is it more like taking one step forward and two steps back?
Do you make significant progress?
Are your results in line with your intentions?
As you look toward the next 12 months, what’s your plan to keep yourself going, learning and achieving?
And then after that?
Now is the time to incorporate a system that helps you stay focused and on course for reaching your goals. And here is how you can have outstanding personal achievement expert James Marciniak as your executive coach.
Everyone is an individual working in a team.
You have individual desires and outcomes your coaching session is tailored to solve your personal challenges at work, home and social are ninety minutes, so that you get the full opportunity to set your goals, explore options for getting the changes you want. Coaching can be in person, via telephone, FaceTime, or Zoom.
  • Exclusive access to Master Executive Coaches in NLP & Hypnosis
  • 9 coaching sessions to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • 12 Months of ongoing support (3 x 60 minute accountability sessions included)
  • Are you wanting the ability to fulfill your potential?
  • Are you wanting to become more effective and influential?
  • Are you needing to enjoy your life more?
  • Do you need to find your self-worth?
If you  said “YES” to any of these questions we can assist you to achieve your very best. Book your free call today.
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What You Will Take Away


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Executive Coaching Program

We go where other coaches won’t, to make sure no stone is left unturned.
Sessions are personalised to what you need, so the nature and length can vary. Typically, a breakthrough session can last 24 hours, working one to one. After an initial phone call to discuss what you want, we start the process with questions designed to uncover your thoughts and feelings. This reveals underlying issues, as well as those that are surfacing. When we have compiled a comprehensive overview of the issues, we start to eliminate them. This exciting process provides plenty of ‘aha’ moments and gives your mind untapped resources and new perspectives. You gain sought-after clarity that will drive your personal success.
You will create new strategies and achievable goals for the future, together with the means to control any future negative emotions. Armed with new, empowering beliefs about yourself, you will have the opportunity to think back to your old habits and points of view and cast them off, knowing that you can achieve your highest aspirations. We go where other coaches WONT GO, from the bedroom to the boardroom no stone is left unturned.

This is a management plan for the rest of your fantastic life.

Your Coaching Outcome Plan

Word on the Street

Don’t just take it from us. Listen to what our customers have to say.

Greeting, I am perpetually grateful to the Marciniaks for gifting me their excellence of Mastery in coaching. Immediately my soul felt free. A freedom I have never known. Within minutes of your work with me, my life personally and professionally changed in – a positive way I could have not even have imagined. All of my goals, dreams and desires are being manifested, achieved & accelerating beyond my control – at a speed pulling me that I am just allowing myself to flow with it. It’s as if my unconscious mind is associating & reacting, reacting, reacting – achieving at a speed I beyond my conscious awareness… Thank you Robyn Marciniak & James Marciniak. I am eternally grateful.

Maria Elliott – Las Vegas, USA

Hello James and Robyn, I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing journey you shared with me. First and foremost, you were born to do therapy and guide people through NLP, Hypnosis and life coaching. While I am trained and a therapist myself, I found I needed a bit of work on myself. You were amazing in helping me find my root causes for being stuck and releasing long-over-due negative beliefs, and toxic relationships. It is my intention to get myself to Australia to enjoy the full effect of the Marciniak House – and the incredible healing package you are offering. Thank you for helping me clear up the clutter. My mind is so much freer now. I am also sending blessings out to anyone in need of a great couple who are highly intuitive, sensitive and professional coaches. Cheers my friends. Thank you again.”

Teresa Stout Mossinger – Susanville, USA

If true change is what you seek, this place and these people will help you achieve it. I have journeyed with James for quite some time now and after my session with him, was fully able to release those things that were no longer serving me and ultimately blocking me from moving forward. It’s an incredibly freeing thing to be unbound and unburdened. Thank you, James

Angel R. Nicholson – North Carolina, USA

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Your Iago Trance

Our insidious Iago is a state of mind; he can’t be seen, he lives in the shadows. Yet his influence can be found everywhere. Iago whispers to us both from within and through other people as the voice of collective conditioning. Most of us live with a painful sense of separation from others, a sense of something missing, a deep feeling of being flawed and a pervasive experience of limitation, fear, and desire. As a result, we engage in a whirlwind of activity to avoid the objects of our fear and to obtain the objects of our craving. This trance of problem-based living, although widely regarded as normal, fuels an endless saga of struggle.
It seeps through the cracks of our noblest aspirations, manifesting as disease, conflict, and failure. Globally it is expressed as war, as economic and environmental madness. We cannot see or measure the Iago factor directly; we only know it by its effects.

Qualities of the Iago Trance


Nonspecific fear makes us suspicious. When deeply in Iago’s trance state, we trust no one completely, not even family members.

Strategic Living

We carefully plan for the worst eventualities. Something bad could happen at any moment. Iago whips our thoughts into a whirlwind of emergency responses. We live in a permanent state of alert.


The notion that something is wrong, that we should be doing something more to be complete, creates a constant sense of worry. It’s as though we are continually late for an appointment with something we cannot remember.

The notion that something is wrong, that we should be doing something more to be complete, creates a constant sense of worry. It’s as though we are continually late for an appointment with something we cannot remember.

Hostile Competition

Iago creates a feeling of hostile competition, as opposed to co-creation. When there is not enough, we must fight others who are trying to get it too. Our success, even our survival, rests in their defeat.

Other qualities of the Iago state include: self-doubt, self-sabotage, disappointment, and meaninglessness.

Sense of Lack

The very basis of the Iago trance is a pervasive and undefined sense that something is missing. Enough is never enough; we always want more or better. We are never spiritual enough, skinny enough, smart enough, or hip enough. We filter everything through this sense of lack. In the ultimate suburban nightmare, we are driven to keep up with infinitely recurring Joneses.

Sense of Separation

Looking to the external world to fulfil our perceived lack keeps us focused on a me-oriented reality, reinforcing alienation and separation. The Iago trance is characterized by this twenty-four-hour absorption in “me,” while we are actually separated from our own true selves.


Both the feeling of lack and the craving to fill this void are so strong in us that as soon as we sense, even faintly, that something external may “do it” for us, we latch onto it and become addicted. In this way, Iago can lead us to an addiction to work, sex, food, drink, drugs, the Internet, or even to spiritual highs.


As soon as desire and addiction take over our lives, we are gripped by nonspecific fear. We decide our craving will be satisfied by money; we are gripped by the fear of poverty. We believe the right relationship will alleviate our gnawing lack; immediately, loneliness becomes a terrifying fate.


Frequently Asked Questions


NLP is a study of language and how it effects and influences our perception of an experience of reality.
A specific study of HOW language affects our reality. A user’s manual for your brain/body and neurology but nobody knows how to run the thing because no one knows that there are a strategy, process and specific instructions for you to achieve results over and over again.


MER stands for Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy. Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy is a clinically researched approach to help you release stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. You will be able to utilize MER to overcome procrastination, depression and phobias. The MER model has become widely known as the most effective method for creating rapid, lasting change for an individual. Combining this with NLP provides an innovative approach to understanding and directing human experience, communication and behaviour.

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