Thank God You Quit

Thank God You Quit – Marciniak House NLP & Hypnosis Adelaide

The best day of my adult life was when I became in charge of my health. Which started the day I quit smoking. Like every smoker I knew the risks in fact I even say the stop smoking commercials as a challenge.
Sure I smoked a pack a day. Till I had brown stains, not yellow on my right hand up to my knuckles. It cost me $500 a month in tobacco alone.
Then there were some other costs I was keeping from myself:

You may not know it, but cigarettes break down
the power of persistence;
they destroy the power of endurance;
they destroy the ability to concentrate;
they deaden and undermine the imaginative faculty,
and help in other ways to keep people
from using their minds most effectively.
Put it out and open your mind to living a new. Thank God you Quit, right?

I took responsibility for my mind that changed my health leading to more wellness.
So can you in fact right now you are a nonsmoker, how good does that feel to you?
How important is it to you right now to have more time and less hassels to see doctors due to some symptom of you need to relax.

I am certain that you are so relaxed every time you have a cigarette that it reminds you of being on the beach on a beautiful day with your shoes off, in the water relaxing, relaxing.

Its not!

Well you remember what burning rubber smells like? Don’t you?
You do remember that smell and sensation of burning rubber cause I wouldn’t be upset if you could taste burning rubber down your throat and up your nose every time you put a unlit cigarette to your lips. So Don’t do this every time you wanted a cigarette to remember that smell of burning rubber hitting the back of your throat making you gag and splutter which will in turn stop you lighting up right now, would it?

I know that you now are a non smoker, in a smokers body just waiting to take control of your mind, body and life right now. Thank God you quit.

So right now I want to list all the benefits of Smoking












Get the point, there are no benefits.

For which we have a fantastic techniques to assist you, book a time for a private session of hypnosisNLPMental & Emotional Release®, coaching and we will have you being you for whom you really are.


All you need to do is…

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