Who Are you That’s Not you?????

Who are you that’s Not you?

Today you call yourself free, yet you still captured by TV, internet, social media, if you are not using it, the media is using you. You have programmed to think, believe and react in a precise manner that is not you.

So let me ask you this, Who are you that is happy?
That’s right, now double that happiness again, be¬†yourself outside of yourself being that happy for no reason.

So now let me ask you this, Who are you now, that is a nonsmoker?
That’s right, you are now a nonsmoker are you not.

Programming becomes part of you and that you is not you.
You are magnificent and majestic being not what you have been taught to think of yourself.

Now ask yourself this, now who are you that is never been afriad?
That’s right, you have done amazing things without fear disabling you. As you have walked through this fear you have seen the depths of your courage and the breadth of it is outstanding the same as your wisdom.

Ask you, yourself this, Who were you before thinking began as your natural state?
That’s right now dig a bit deeper than that, really dwell on before thinking began as my natural state who was I?
If thinking was something I was taught to do then surely I know something more about matter of being me.

Just rest with this new you the one who has no need to process, think, or create strategies. Relax now allow you to deeply go into you that is all of you the larger version of you than can be that which you have always imagined right now.

The you that is not you is the one thing you have been searching for and yet with every piece of advice that you thought was helping pushed it further away. Now that you are whole and stable within being that is truly you rejoice at being whole. For you are you and that’s all there is. Its simply complex how you have found you to be all that you are.

You have just experienced a trance of which we use here at Marciniak House to assist those who are lost from their own Self to be whole. There are many techniques that we offer to end the brain strain of life for all young or old we all need to be piece full.


All you need to do is…

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