No One to Change But Self

No One to Change But Self We become what we contemplate. For it is the nature of love, as it is the nature of hate, to change us into the likeness of that which we contemplate. Last night I simply read a news item to show you that when we think we can destroy our… Read more

Who Are you That’s Not you?????

Who are you that’s Not you? Today you call yourself free, yet you still captured by TV, internet, social media, if you are not using it, the media is using you. You have programmed to think, believe and react in a precise manner that is not you. So let me ask you this, Who are… Read more

When We Don’t Love Ourselves

When We Don’t Love Ourselves, We Can’t Be Loved By Someone Else When we don’t love and accept ourselves fully, we can’t ever have a great relationship or a happy life. Our partner may whisper, “I love you so much” and we won’t believe them. We’ll always be looking for evidence that they are secretly… Read more

Without your consent

Without Your Consent Without Your Consent you have never been trained to have your unconscious mind filter or act without first engaging mental consent You have a conscious mind which is that whom processes pattern recognition, logic and rational thought (common sense) and you have a unconscious mind aka subconscious. Throughout your life you have… Read more

Your Ideal Life

Your Ideal Life You are reading this for a reason… You are an amazing being with so much to give. As you want to give more and embrace life, you have realized something important that there are blocks in your life stopping you from attaining your full potential. Even old hurts and limiting beleifs about yourself…. Read more

Your Shadow…

The shadow is all that you think is NOT you. Fat, Thin, Healthy, Rich, Poor, Lazy, etc. Once you have fully defined who and what you are, by the very nature of the assumption of creation all that you are NOT also comes into existence.   The pain of a directionless and repetitive existence. Unfortunately… Read more

We are all born Creative Geniuses!!!!

Study Shows We Are Born Creative Geniuses BLOG But The ‘Education’ System Dumbs Us Down Gavin Nascimento    “You are more powerful than you know and they fear the day you discover it!”   I remember listening to a talk by Sir Ken Robinson several years ago; about how backwards the education system is, and the imperative… Read more

Could You be You that’s NOT You?

Could you be you that’s Not you? Why are you limited by decisions, is that really you? Why are you limited by negative emotions, is that really you? Why are you limited by people from your past. is that really you? Could you be you, that’s not you? When you are limited by decisions, is… Read more

The truth behind creation of Facebook

Facebook Was Created to be Addictive Sean Parker of Facebook “social-validation feedback loop” and that the algorithm subconsciously exploits psychological vulnerabilities. By Ebony Stansfield Sean Parker admits Facebook was created to be addictive FACEBOOK co-founder Sean Parker has made a very frank admission, declaring Facebook gives users a “little dopamine hit”. Sean Parker reveals how… Read more

Thank God You Quit

Thank God You Quit – Marciniak House NLP & Hypnosis Adelaide The best day of my adult life was when I became in charge of my health. Which started the day I quit smoking. Like every smoker I knew the risks in fact I even say the stop smoking commercials as a challenge. Sure I… Read more

You and Rapport

You and Rapport – Marciniak House Adelaide Rapport is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well. When people “Like” each other, they like each other. Do you really like yourself? Before you can have rapport with anyone else you first must… Read more

Your Limited Beliefs

The problem with you is that you have limited beliefs. Hello friend, I want to ask you a simple but yet complex question why are you where you are in life right now? You may have said, “Oh its their fault, my parents, my genetics or I’m a horrible person I deserve what I get… Read more

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